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SEBILE is not just another brand. Our proprietary designs have special features and unique benefits for anglers.

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Designed for All Predator Species
For the biggest to the smallest, from top to bottom, anywhere you fish, there are SEBILE lures to match the size and strength of the species you plan to catch, to match your fishing gear, methods and the conditions. Our catalogue can help you to select the right lures for your fishing needs.

Ultrasonic Body Welding
All SEBILE lures benefit from this, making them 20-30% stronger than standard glued lures.

Full Wire Reinforced
Lures of exceptional strength for brutes that can destroy ordinary lures. A doubled stainless wire, welded for maximum strength, runs through these lures from end to end, along with extra strong hooks and split rings.



Salt & Sun Series
For the most ferocious big game species! The strongest hooks available, super heavy duty split rings and reinforced bodies are foam-filled so even hard, toothy bites don't faze these lures. New sizes for 2011 have stainless steel plate internal construction that defies destruction!

Sébile Finished
Our premium Evidence colours come in a variety of patterns to suit any species, conditions or environment. Possessed and Blood Red colours have glitter or blood coloured fluid that moves inside causing motion within that emits low-frequency sounds. Our Insight colours last long even against the toothiest critters because finishes are applied on the inside (and outside) before assembly.

One of our trademark and most effective methods to activate SEBILE lures is to design for water turbulence that lets them mimic aquatic life, move naturally and be sensed by fish due to these turbulences.

Multiple Lip Options
The ACast Minnow, Koolie Minnow, Crankster and Rattsler are available in multiple lips to function at different depths and produce different actions within the same lure style.

Innovative Edged Lips
On Koolie Minnows, Crankster MR and the ACast Minnow DR, the unique lip is edged out away from the lure body. Benefits are longer, smoother casts, easier retrieves, better feel, and deeper dives in long-lipped models.

Compressed Body Power
The Magic Swimmer, ACast Minnow and Rattsler push lots of water along the compressed, tall sides of these lures, using turbulences that move them in lifelike ways and are sensed by predators.

Power Keel
A proprietary feature on the Stick Shadd, Bonga Jerk and Splasher. It functions with turbulence to make a free range of incredible movements possible with these lures.



Complex Body Shapes
Innovative shapes never seen before are the trademark of SEBILE lures like the Slim Stick, Ghost Walker, Bonga Jerk, Splasher, Onduspoon, Slender Eel, Proppler Buzz and more. They are quite different than the common industry standard shapes because they're designed to "speak" to the fish more than to the angler.

Weight Transfer
Long, accurate casts are yours when using our Possessed and Blood Red fluid-filled lures; the tail loads on the cast to sail way out there, and the fluid redistributes naturally on the retrieve. Internal weight transfer using heavy metal beads inside are features of the Koolie Minnow BRL and LL 102, the ACast Minnow, Crankster and Rattsler.

Snagless Designs
Numerous facets of SEBILE lures are designed to avoid snags. The Flatt Shad Snagless exemplifies this. The Koolie Minnow's humpback, flattened belly, roll, diving angle and buoyancy function to deter snags. Every aspect of the Crankster MR is designed to be surprisingly snagless when used properly. The Magic Swimmer Soft and Stick Shadd Hollow have snagless ability.

Superior Hooks
SEBILE lures have the best hooks possible, matched to each lure's ideal usage with light, medium, heavy or big game gear. When the best hook for the job isn't available, SEBILE custom designs it, as with the Soft Weight System, Pro-Shad Spinnerbait, Flatt Shad Snagless and select new Salt & Sun sizes for 2011.

High Quality
Patrick Sebile says, "Fishing with my lures is like fishing with myself beside you, sharing my knowledge and experience as a fishermen and lure designer with you. Every design has been extensively tested by me; the finishes, balance and actions adjusted to near perfection so that every lure is easy to use and effective for everyone from the novice fisherman to the pro angler. High quality is a part of this and therefore SEBILE's commitment to you—to always produce a high quality lure for you."

Click here to view our current range of Sebile Lures

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