Storm "Naturistic" Soft Bait Wildeye Sand Eel - Save up to 35%

Colour Codes (from Left to Right):
  • Brown / Black Glitter (BBG)
  • Grey (GRY)
  • Olive / Black Glitter (OLE)
  • Pink / Black Glitter (PBG)
  • Pearl / Black Glitter (PLBG)
  • Purple (PRP)
  • Red / Black Glitter (RBG)

Independent Review - Gwilym Hughes APGAI Casting Instructor

"Naturistic WildEye 4" Sandeel, I honestly thought that they were the real thing until I removed them from the package, easily threaded onto a size 6 sea hook and secured with some realistic I'm just itching to cast them on an 8 weight floating line in the surf for the 'Bass' and off the rocks for 'Mackrel'. If they fooled me when I looked at them imagine the Bass just having a glance as you pull them past...... watch this space for an update!"