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Ghost Cocoon
Ghost Cocoon... The Next Generation of Bait Thread
Virtually invisible when applied to bait, which means more fish!

Because Ghost Cocoon is made with many ultra thin fibres, it wraps the bait like a spiders web - making it virtually invisible in the water. Traditional Bait Threads and Elastics have much thicker fibres making them more visible to wary fish.

Easier to use than traditional Threads and Elastics

Unlike traditional Bait Threads and Elastics which are wound around a cone, Ghost Cocoon - as the name suggests - pulls directly from the centre of the cocoon. This means that the Ghost Cocoon will always run freely and never snag.

No rot or waste

Many traditional Bait Threads and Elastics will perish quickly when left in your tackle box. Ghost Cocoon does not rot and has a virtually indefinite shelf life.

No contamination

Traditional Bait Threads and Elastics are easily contaminated with bait juices - no surer way to reduce your catch rate! But with Ghost Cocoon this is never a problem as it is supplied in its own protective container.

Great value

Ghost Cocoon is no more expensive than traditional old-style Threads or Elastics - at just £2.99 RRP for a 220 metre spool with no waste, rot, or contamination. If you are still not convinced - for the initial launch period we are offering the first 10,000 spools at HALF PRICE - just £1.49 for 220 metres!!!