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Ashima offer one of the largest range of fish hooks on the market today. All the hooks are manufactured to the highest specifications by one of the top manufacturers in Japan and only the finest quality materials are used in the process.

Carp fishing is no longer the preserve of the dedicated specimen hunter alone. The thrill of fishing for carp is widely experienced by anglers who only a few years ago would have found it impossible. A great many waters have been stocked with smaller fish and the conditions vary considerably, from weedy obstructed waters where larger fish can be found to open waters where good sport can be had without all the extra hazards. Different methods, tackle and set ups are required for the many different environments. Because of this Ashima have developed probably the most comprehensive range of carp hooks on the market today. The 8 patterns of carp hook currently available cover every eventuality and every type of set up required. .
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All the patterns in the range
· are made of Hi carbon steel
· have splinter barbs which are the smallest barbs you can have
· have chemically sharpened points