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Ashima's Resin Impregnated Monofilament is without doubt one of the most revolutionary monofilament lines on the market.

A resin impregnated line is different from standard low diameter lines which tend to be either pre-stretched or teflon coated.

The Ashima monofilament has a resin material combined into the co-polymer before extrusion and it is this which gives it the enormous strength and allows it to be produced down to much lower diameters whilst keeping both the elasticity and strength. Other lines have to be pre-stretched to retain their strength or they have to have a coating applied to them to improve their durability. The resin impregnation process removes all these draw backs of other lines.
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Its main advantages over other brands are that
· It is crystal clear and virtually invisible in water
· It is not pre-stretched and its amazing elasticity absorbs most of the strain.
· It is extremely soft and supple and has no memory which allows an almost perfect presentation
· It has a low diameter to strain ratio.
· It has excellent knot strength