Len Cotton - customer

"Recieved the Climax line you recommended this morning, and as we were booked to fish Twin Lakes at Preston this afternoon, I gave it a try. You were right Dave, it is a nice line. Casts well, and could see it my surprise!!! (used to a bright coloured line on a floater) Overall, I was well pleased with this line and will use it on my other reels when the time comes to change them."

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Nick Hart - Professional Game Fishing Instructor

"Cortland have been a long standing market leader in terms of fly lines, but this often means a fair dent in your wallet.

However for Cortland quality at an affordable price try out one of their Climax range. Coming in their popular rocket taper, basically an
extended weight forward, these lines are smooth and easy to cast.
Cortland lines are often quite thick in the running line, creating a
fair amount of drag back on the rod rings, making it a little more
difficult to cast the whole line. However this has the advantage of
providing excellent presentation, and let's face it, how often do you
need all the line out anyway ? For the novice to intermediate angler
there is a very helpful colour change in the rear taper of the belly
section, thus making it easy to judge optimum load on the rod. Forget the braided loop supplied though, strip the core and whip in a loop.

Last Word ? Mid price work horse and excellent in weight 8 for turning over large flies when Bass / Pike fishing."