Independent review on SC60HT by John Campbell for PAC

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    "Made with Spectra, the material used in bullet proof vests, then
     plasma treated and combined with high modulus graphite, this lure
     rod rated from 3/4 oz to 4 oz is strong enough to cope with the 
     rigours of modern day lure angling as well as being designed significantly
     different from the majority of lure rods available today"

     The double handle is made of EVA, in my opinion an improvement on cork
     as EVA provides a better grip.  To attach the reel to the trigger reel seat
     the top of the handle is screwed back down the blank.  Having never used one
     of this type of fitting before I was concerned the reel would loosen during use
     but this was never the case.

     Unusually for a 6' lure rod it has 6 rings, treated with Titanium Nitride which
     is reputedly ideal to deal with the use of braids, and a special tunnel tip design
     which avoids the annoying habit of wet braid wrapping round the rod tip.  With
     the number of rings on the rod I suspected distance would be lost in the cast.
     Again my apprehensions were unfounded, mainly I suspect due to the design of
     the blank.

     You could dangle a bus from many lure rodsand not put a bend in them, effective
     and ideal for jerkbaiting they may be, but as I rarely jerkbait and as I lurefish as
     much from the bank as I do from a boat, a rod such as this one with a more
     sensitive tip helps me cast significantly further.  In fact, when testing the rod
     beside my own I repeatedly cast further with lures in the 2oz bracket with this
     rod than my own.  I soon realised how I have been hanicapping my kind of
     lure fishing.  I am impressed with this excellent all round lure rod."

Spider Cast Rod
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