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Temple Fork Outfitters - Reviews


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Gary Taylor, FFF Master fly casting instructor:

"Honestly, the very first thing that came to mind as I cast my way through the 5 to the 14 weight TiCr rods was that I never knew a fly rod could be this good. I never dreamed it was possible. After 30 days of almost daily evaluation and fishing, my opinion stands. Lefty writes still another chapter for us all."

- Gary Taylor


Tony Scott, STANIC qualified casting instructor, gave the following assessment on the Professional Series:

"I am a STANIC (Trout) qualified casting instructor and as a result have had the opportunity to cast with hundreds of different fly rods, from budget models to some of the best in the world.

Every now and then in the world of rods a product such as this emerges.
Although having heard the hype, I went into testing the rod with an open mind.
I had chosen a favourite length and aftm, 9ft #5.

This model has the advantage of being 4 piece. So as well as being easily transportable, it hides away nicely in the boot of the car.

When you take the rod out of the quality velvet rod bag it instantly looks and feels different to many others out there on the market. For a start the rod has a matt black "anti flash" finish. Upon assembly you notice that there are small blue dots to align the sections. That saves a lot of squinting up the rod with one eye open every time you put another section into position. The graphics are subtle and readable.

This model has a reversed half wells smooth cork handle, which befits a rod of this size and rating. Two stripper rings are on the second section, helping guide the line on its way up to the tip, via lightweight snake rings. The whole thing only weighs 3.8 oz.
Once fitted with a reel there is no "tip heavy" feel at all, which I have noticed on other four piece rods from time to time.

To the water then.

As soon as a few yards of line are out on the water you immediately notice the crispness of the rod.

A roll cast is effortlessly performed which lands accurately where the tip is pointed. The loop is tight, there is no bounce in the line and the turnover is good. Hang on a minute, this rod is only £120!

More line out, and an overhead cast. The rod is smooth, responsive and very fast to recover but moreover it wanted to cast more line. Once again the loop is tight with no more effort on my part.

More line out, this just gets better. Watching the back cast I see that the rod is transmitting the power so smoothly that the fly line glides backward in a damn near straight line, with that tight loop again at the end. Prepare for forward cast, point and shoot. Sweet! This sort of recovery in a rod of the price range is nothing short of exceptional.
I happen to know that Mr Kreh was an integral part of the development team at Sage so has brought his credentials along to Temple Fork Outfitters.

You have got to try one of these rods if you are in the market for a new tool this year.

Tacklebargains tell me that they will be available for testing at Chatsworth Angling Fair this May on the Salmon and Trout Association stand.

I spent a very enjoyable afternoon with this rod and then……..I bought it!"

- Tony Scott


Wanda Taylor, the first woman certified by the FFF as a Master fly casting instructor, has fished these rods for the past two years. Her comments:

"The Lefty Kreh Professional Series communicates exactly what it wants you to do. The load and the moment of turn over is transmitted seamlessly to the driver"

- Wanda Taylor


Gwilym Hughes, APGAI casting instructor, told us that:

"I am fortunate indeed to have handled and cast one of the first TiCr rods to reach the shores of the British Isles, and proud to say that I now own a 5 weight. What a super piece of kit , it answers the demands imparted into the blank with ease and to perfection, when you try one you will be amazed at the quality, when you compare that quality to the price it is offered at you will wonder, HOW ON EARTH HAS THIS BEEN DEVELOPED IN THIS PRICE RANGE?, well it has! and it is seriously good! Lefty’s done it again, good on you!"

- Gwilym Hughes


Tacklebargains customer John Taylor remarked on the Professional Series 9ft #9:

"These rods are performance bargains. If you covered up the markings and fittings you'd think you where casting a Loomis GLX. The 9wt Professional has the beautiful light, crisp, progressive performance normally associated with high-end rods. I know I own a range of Sage, Loomis and Scott rods. Trust me just try one..."

- John Taylor


Stuart Cullen, Tacklebargains customer, was:

"Absolutely delighted with the Temple Fork Lefty Kreh TiCr 7 wt I purchased from you. The best fly rod I have ever bought. It is well made with super ferrules and handle. The rod casts brilliantly. Despite the fast action, I was pleased to find that it flexes responsively and is sensitive when playing a fish. Brilliant value for a top of the range performing rod.

I shall be treating myself to a TiCr 4 wt for next season"

- Stuart Cullen


Aiden Currie , Tacklebargains customer:

"Absolutely mint small river rod! Catching fish has never been so much fun with this kind of tackle. Took a bit of getting used to after using a 7ft #5 rod but now i have been catching on it i couldnt go back! Obviously limited as to distance casting but for dry-fly and small nymph/emergers and short casts its great! Caught fish up to 4lb from the river Derwent in Co.Durham and the rod has been doubling over even with the smallest of trout and grayling!

Anyone who hasnt tried going as light as they can are missing all the fun and should try one of these rods. Thanks so much for providing me with the goods to get me back to really exciting river fishing and for the fast service provided."

- Aiden Currie


Pete Marshall , Tacklebargains customer:

"I needed a short rod for little rivers. Shopping around they all seem very expensive or very poor quality, when I can across this rod at 6 ft and for a 2 weight line. At £75 I thought it worth a go.

After three trips out with this rod I can say it is the best £75 I have ever spent on a rod. Casts both a 2 and 3 weight line like a dream. The little flicks required to get a dry fly right on the top of some poor unsuspecting fish are now within my very limited capabilities. This rod makes even me look like I can cast accurately, in the hands of an expert I don't know how good it could be.

It seems that cash has been saved on the right things (no tube, two piece rods rather than 3 piece and no flashy finish) and spent on the right things (the blank) to produce the bargain rod of the moment.

I am now considering replacing some of my other rods and will be saving a lot of money by buying the Lefty Kreh series as I think you have to spend 3 to 4 times as much to get a well known name rod as good."

- Aiden Currie