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An Introduction to Fly Fishing by Tony Scott

Fitting your Fly Line

Ok, so you’ve bought your rod, reel, line - don’t forget some backing line.

Backing line serves two purposes: Your fly line will be around 30 metres long, but your reel will hold maybe 30 metres of backing line plus your fly line. The primary purpose of backing line is to build out the centre axle of your spool, thereby allowing the fly line when subsequently fitted to almost fill the spool to the rim. An allowance of 2mm should be left. See diagram below. This ensures that you have the largest possible loops of fly line on the reel thereby helping to eliminate “memory” which occurs when the flyline can have a tendency to remember the shape it has formed on the spool. The secondary reason for fitting backing line is that should you be fishing a large water and your “personal best” decides to make a run for it, you may well need another 30 metres of line to play and land him.

Fitting your fly line

For the best knot to use for fitting you backing line to the spool and afterwards the fly line to the backing please refer to the section on knots.

You will nearly always find a small sticker indicating which end of the fly line should be fitted to your reel.

It is vitally important, and I cannot stress this too much, that the fly line is fitted to the reel in the same way that it was originally wound onto its plastic case or in some cases wound and tied with tape. Please view the diagram below.

Fitting your fly line

If you wind the line on following the top drawing you are winding it on as a spring, and as such it will react like that when you try and fish with it - Definitely not recommended. If your line is not supplied on a plastic spool, and many are not, use a rolled up newspaper or similar as in the diagram below.

Fitting your fly line

You now have your line and backing on your reel.

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