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An Introduction to Fly Fishing by Tony Scott

Glossary of Fly Fishing Terms

Association of Fishing Tackle Manufacturers. The rating system by which all fly rods, reels and fly lines are numbered and therefore balanced.

Association of Professional Game Angling Instructors. Instructors who can offer beginners to advanced fly casting/ fishing tuition.

Backing line serves two purposes. The primary purpose of backing line is to build out the centre axle of your spool, thereby allowing the fly line when subsequently fitted to almost fill the spool to the rim. The secondary reason for fitting backing line is that should you be fishing a large water and your “personal best” decides to make a run for it, you may well need another 30 metres of line to play and land him.

See above. This is where the Rod, reel and line have the same AFTM number and will function correctly as a balanced outfit.

This is a built in braking system for most fly reels. The drag reduces the speed at which the fish can take line off your fly reel, very useful.

A fly which is presented to the trout on the surface of the water. These are normally tied to match naturally occurring insects.

The study of insect life pertaining to the trouts diet in rivers and lake environments.

A usually silicon based fluid that when applied to your fly helps it stay afloat. Excellent for rivers when the surface can be a little rough and will easily sink your untreated fly.

A fly line that floats high on the water.

Game Angling Instructors Association.

A fly line that sinks very slowly through the water.

A fly tied to represent the larval stage of a water borne fly also known as “Buzzers”. These are normally tied to match naturally occurring insects.

A factory made loop of braided nylon that fits snugly over your fly line and leaves a pre made loop for easy fastening of your leader to the fly line.

This is the length of monofilament that is attached at one end to your fly line and to your fly at the other. Also sometimes referred to as a “cast”.

A group of flies that are tied in mostly vivid colours with long tails. Usually in larger hook sizes. They tend to catch trout by attraction as opposed to deception. They can be effective in winter when the trouts food supply is at an ebb.

A fly tied to represent the nymphal stage of a water borne fly. These are normally tied to match naturally occurring insects.

No self respecting trout angler should be without these. The lenses filter out reflected light thereby allowing the angler to see much further and deeper into the water than he would usually see with standard sunglasses.
See more fish – catch more fish. Also they afford you protection for your eyes from errant flies, this is IMPORTANT! Get some!

Usually a mixture of fullers earth and glycerine. When applied to leaders this reduces the surface tension thereby allowing the leader to sink below the surface. This is important when fishing the dry fly, for if the wily trout can see your leader, from his point of view, this appears as a crack in the surface and will alarm him to the presence of an artificial fly and the angler who sits patiently at the other end.

A fly line that sinks at varying different speeds through the water depending on the sink rate determined by the manufacturer.

Salmon and Trout Association National Instructors Certificate. Instructors who can offer beginners to intermediate fly casting/ fishing tuition.

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A factory made leader that may be up to 25lb breaking strain at one end (that you fasten to the fly line) tapering down to perhaps as little as 1lb at the hook end. Available in many different strengths.

Sometimes the leader is referred to as the tippet but more often than not, it is another piece of mono or fluorocarbon fitted at the end of the leader.

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