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An Introduction to Fly Fishing by Tony Scott

Fitting a Leader Loop

With thanks to Airflo for their drawings.

The pictures below summarise the technique for fitting these loops.

Fitting a leader loop
Place approx 0.75" (1.5cm) of tube over the braid
Fitting a leader loop
Insert the fly line
Fitting a leader loop
Stroke the braid back down the line
Fitting a leader loop
Insert the fly line approx 2" (5cm)
Fitting a leader loop
Pull the tube over the joint using your thumbnail. The joint is now secure.


I always suggest using just a few drops of waterproof superglue under the tube just before pulling it over the joint. Always trim any excess fibres as these can tangle your leader sometimes when casting. Keep it neat. You can also use a leader loop at the other end of your fly line to attach it to the backing line.

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